About the Foundation

Helping Students and Their School Grow!

We love Olympus High School with its traditions, values, high academic achievement and focus on community service. These values are important and we want to further opportunities for learning, growth and achievement for both students and faculty. We hope to enhance students’ ability to learn, grow and serve and to reach their full potential as they prepare to make a difference in our society.

Foundation History

The Olympus High School Development Foundation was created in 2004 to promote excellence in all activities of Olympus High School including: academics, technology, drama, arts, music, dance, literature, science and athletics. In addition we hope to foster enthusiasm, school spirit and a sense of unity among students, faculty, alumni, parents and patrons of Olympus High School.

Fundraising Efforts

By pooling the resources of students, faculty, alumni, parents and patrons of the school, funds are raised beyond the normal budgeting capabilities of the school or the school district. These funds provide our community a way to respond to additional needs of student and faculty, to further the academic, artistic and athletic traditions of Olympus High School. Patrons contribute to the Foundation and then faculty members are able to make requests for things they need for their class or team.

Make a Donation Now

Please note that the Olympus High School Development Foundation is a 501c(3) organization and all contributions are tax-deductible.

Honoring Distinguished Alumni

The Foundation honors Distinguished Alumni every year in our Hall of Fame, recognizing people who contributed much to Olympus during their high school years and continue to have an enormous impact on society.


The Foundation provides at least two $1,000 scholarships every year at the Senior Awards banquet to Olympus students who are the first of their family to attend college as well as twelve $250 scholarships with the Titan Service Awards recognizing the top graduating seniors who excelled in academics, service, athletics, and the arts.

Support the Titans

Be confident that your contribution to the Olympus Development Foundation is meeting the greatest immediate and long-term needs of the students and faculty. Your contribution, large or small, is appreciated and accepted with the commitment to use it to further opportunities for general learning, the arts, science, and for health and recreation. You are able to target your giving to areas where you feel there is the greatest need. Your contribution will impact the lives of many who would not have benefited otherwise. You are an agent to help students and teachers and to multiply their future opportunities.

What We Fund

We fund scholarships, athletics, academics, arts, and other miscellaneous projects. Here are a few of the things the Foundation has purchased or funded over the years:

  • LabQuest physics lab
  • Sports uniforms for all teams
  • Many calculators
  • Computers
  • iPads
  • Soccer benches
  • Choir music
  • Framing equipment for art
  • Baseball and volleyball pitching machines
  • Mascot costume
  • Football scoreboard
  • Cheerleading mats
  • Dance costumes
  • Golf bags
  • Tennis stringing machine
  • Football equipment
  • Basketball scoreboard
  • Binders for choir
  • New flag for gym
  • Lights and sound system for football field
  • Cross country finish equipment
  • Tennis nets
  • Softball storage shed
  • Writer’s guides
  • Scorer’s table and chairs
  • Basketball films
  • Kiln for ceramics
  • Dance floor
  • Double bass for orchestra
  • Wrestling singlets
  • Freedom shrine for new school
  • Rolling stage mirrors for dance and drama
  • Chromebooks and cases for debate

Foundation Board Members

  • Jeremy Blanck
  • Natalie Broadbent
  • Kristine Eccles
  • Camille Ebert
  • Amy Gasik
  • Kelly Hoole
  • Liz Michie
  • Lisa Pace
  • Jim Sheets
  • Betsy VanDenBerghe
  • Craig Wilson
  • Adam Zimmerman

Contact Us

For more information about our efforts or to get involved, please contact:

Olympus High School Development Foundation
4055 South 2300 East
Holladay, Utah 84124
(385) 646-5400